Friends of Haiti Providence University



Academic Programs and Curriculum

Students are currently enrolled in the following academic programs:

  • Education/Teaching
  • Health Services
  • Theology
  • Business Administration

Volunteer Teaching

The Haiti Providence University academic calendar operates on trimesters of ten weeks each. This allows volunteer professors to teach for an entire semester without making a larger time commitment. There is on-campus residential housing provided to visiting professors. If you are interested in more information, please contact us. 

Integrated Learning

As the university physically expands, the students are presented with opportunities to have first-hand engineering experience. With some foresight, the execution of these projects can be integrated into the academic curriculum.

As the first building project was being planned in 2011, technical volunteers not only provided engineering designs, but also volunteered to provide classroom instruction to students and local construction workers. This concept is being developed into a more formal plan with our partner, The Institute for Social Entrepreneurship, Inc. (ISE). 

This integration plan includes the development of curriculum, providing education opportunities for local business people, and eventually developing an “incubator” for new business ideas.

An example of this program in action is the wastewater treatment facility, which was constructed in Spring 2016. While volunteers and technical engineers assisted with the planning and construction, students were enrolled in related programs (sustainable agriculture, wastewater treatment, etc.). Students in biology, chemistry, and agriculture benefited from this program and the hands-on experience of a campus construction project.