Friends of Haiti Providence University


Technical Experts

Since 2006, several engineers in Rochester, N.Y., have been volunteering their technical expertise to assist with building construction techniques, water supply, and wastewater treatment.

As growth continues, engineers are needed to help with a residential development plan and additional building construction projects. 

Volunteers are also needed as the university expands it’s degree programs to include civil engineering and building construction. Building construction knowledge is vital in Haiti, as much was learned after the devastating earthquake in 2010. The first building on the Haiti Providence University campus was a dormitory building started in 2011 using current international building code requirements for earthquake resistance. This knowledge base has been used for all construction and now can be extended to a degree program at the university.


Current plans for the wastewater recycle system include involving students from the University of Massachusetts. The lead technical advisor to this project is Dr. Ron Lavigne, professor at U Mass. The integrated learning approach allows students from the US to volunteer their time for approximately one week in Haiti - it also provides an opportunity for Haiti Providence University students to become involved with a hands-on learning experience and cultural exchange.

Through various church organizations in the US, mission team projects are scheduled every year, usually from January through May. Please contact us if you have any questions about how a student group can get involved.


As the university continues to grow, there are several opportunities for educators to get involved.  Through HPU Friends, educators can assist the university with the development of new courses. Current needs are now in civil engineering and agriculture. This work can be done here in the USA either in Rochester or working remotely with other volunteers.

Initial plans are now starting for a “study abroad” program for university nursing students. The university would like to develop a program for students to study at a nursing school in the USA for a semester. Volunteers are needed here in Rochester, N.Y., to begin the planning and coordination of this program.

There are also teaching opportunities at the university. Please contact us for more information.