Friends of Haiti Providence University

Who We Are

Friends of Haiti Providence University (HPU Friends) is a non-profit organization based in Rochester N.Y., with the sole purpose of supporting the growth and development of Haiti Providence University. Our organization is a 501(c)3 established in 2015 to provide financial support to the various projects and programs at the university.


To understand our organization, it is important to first introduce the university that we support in Haiti. Haiti Providence University is a Christian university located on 200 rural acres west of Port au Prince. The university began in October 2011 with 30 freshmen. Now,  it is in it’s fifth academic year with over 100 full-time students enrolled in degree programs including Business Administration, Education, Nursing, and Theology.  The first commencement ceremony was held in June 2016.

Board of Trustees for Haiti Providence University (2012)

Board of Trustees for Haiti Providence University (2012)

The importance of education in Haiti is paramount.  Haiti has a very high rate of poverty and unemployment. Most grade-school education is provided by private schools, because of limited public education opportunities.

The mission of this university is to provide a Christian, liberal arts education where students can live on campus. The country of Haiti needs graduates who will remain in Haiti and contribute to the betterment of Haitian society, economy, and culture.   HPU provides a solid education based on Christian values and promotes social entrepreneurship during their academic career.

With this great need for education, the growth rate at the university is very high and the financial commitments to build dormitories and classroom buildings are very demanding. Ground breaking for the first building was December 2010 with a two-story dormitory/classroom building.  During 2015, a second dormitory building was completed, and foundation work for a classroom/administration building has been initiated.

Work is ongoing to grow the campus infrastructure and to build a sustainable community within this large 200-acre property, supporting the growth of students, faculty, and staff. Residential housing is currently being planned for faculty and staff to live adjacent to the campus. Travel through Haiti, particularly in and around Port au Prince, is very difficult and time consuming due to an inferior road infrastructure.

With the poor economic conditions within the country, and the lack of good and sufficient public schools, scholarships are very important for Haitian students of all ages. Most students rely on scholarships through the university and through other education organizations in Haiti.

Friends of Haiti Providence University Inc. arose from the desire to facilitate partnerships between Haitians and those in the USA interested in contributing to this work in a variety of ways.  HPU Friends provides assistance in the following areas:

Donations / Fundraising

  • Provide tax exempt status for donations from USA to the university
  • Donation proceeds go directly to the university for tuition reimbursement, school supplies, building construction, utilities and land development, and operational costs

Grants Administration

  • Solicit and receive grants from various US organizations for growth and development of the university

Technical Support

  • Land planning concepts
  • Building design conceptual sketches
  • Short-Term Adjunct faculty opportunities for semester courses, seminars, and workshops
  • Academic and curriculum development