Friends of Haiti Providence University


Your donations support all of the following areas:

Building Construction

Haiti Providence University opened its doors in October 2012 with 35 students. The current enrollment now surpasses 200. This kind of exponential growth results in the significant need for dormitory buildings, classrooms, and a larger dining hall. The construction of new buildings is reliant upon donations. If you are interested, or know of individuals or organizations that would be interested in sharing in the goals of the university, we ask you that you contact us to discuss further. 

Student Support

Support in the form of scholarships and room and board is very important to each student. Haiti does not have a strong public education system, so when a student enters college, it is critical that financial support is available to students and their families. 

Your donations are applied to the following areas:

Additionally, scholarship programs have been formed through several orphanages throughout Haiti, and also through International Child Care Ministries.

Operational Costs

Our group, based in Rochester, N.Y., has been involved with building design for several years and assists the university with design planning so that local Haitian engineers and architects can complete the final details and oversee construction. Our work is performed by volunteers who need to travel to Haiti for field documentation, etc., and require donated funds to do so. The university is incorporating the latest design and construction methods to satisfy earthquake resistant standards, and in October 2014, the university began a Civil Engineering degree program. Safe structures are an essential need not only for the university, but for the entire country of Haiti. 

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